Craving Something Sweet? 16 Drool-worthy Indian Desserts to Gratify Your Sweet Tooth

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Craving Something Sweet? 16 Drool-worthy Indian Desserts to Gratify Your Sweet Tooth

There is no denying the fact that desserts give the perfect endings to your meals. In this regard, Indian cuisine boasts a treasure trove of mouthwatering treats in store for you. Be it gulab jamuns or shahi tukda, Sandesh or payasam, phirni or Goan coconut cake, every Indian dessert will surely end your meal on a high note. Here are some delicious Indian desserts that are bound to leave the sweet-toothed asking for more. I’m sure you are going to love all of these yumilicious treats.

Augment the charms of every meal with these 16 mouth-watering Indian dessert recipes that all Desis are hopelessly in love with.

Gulab Jamun

We have yet to meet one person who is not head over heels in love with Gulab Jamuns. Prepared with a soft dough of khoya and condensed milk, these delicacies got their name from the fact that they resemble the fruit jamun and are often dunked in a sweet rose-water and saffron infused syrup to lend them the succulent texture that they are loved for.

Goan Coconut Cake

Goan coconut cakes are a soft and tender, melt-in-your-mouth pleasure, prepared with whisked flour, baking powder, sugar, coconut oil, eggs and four types of coconut. They are refrigerated overnight and drenched in a sweet coconut syrup to enhance their goodness.

Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda are just as royal as their name suggests. This decadent dessert is a perfect mélange of milk and honey. Shallow fried and crisp bread slices are soaked in a rich mixture of milk, honey, saffron, condensed milk, and dry fruits, flavored with cardamom and topped with Rabri, pistachios, and almonds to make this Indian pudding truly radiant.

Gajar ka Halwa

Another delicious Indian dessert recipe that is sure to excite every sweet palate is Gajar ka Halwa. Grated carrots are simmered with condensed milk, milk, cardamom, and sugar until ghee separates, and garnished with khoya, a wide assortment of nuts, and silver varq.


This melt-in-the-mouth dessert is a beloved treasure in the Bengali pantheon of sweet delights, but has now carved a niche as one of the most-famed desserts in many parts of the world. It is prepared with crumbled fresh cottage cheese and powdered sugar, infused with the invigorating aromas of cardamom and saffron. Sandesh is a highly scrumptious gastronomic delight that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ras Malai

Ras Malai is a delectable Indian dessert option that was coined from two Indian words: Juice and Cream. These softer and fluffier-than-cloud dumplings can be construed as a rich cheese cake without a crust, and are made from fresh cottage cheese, soaked in a thickened, sweetened syrup of milk and sugar, delicately flavored with cardamom and saffron. Garnish these dumplings with sliver varq and pistachios. They are best served cold and fresh.


The ever favorite sweet of Lord Ganesha, Modak is a famous Indian dessert that is specifically made for the festival, Ganesh Chaturthi. These sweet flour dumplings are stuffed with coconut, jaggery, nutmeg, and saffron. They are steamed to perfection and eaten on their own.

Tamil-Style Sweet Rice Pudding

This succulent cardamom-scented rice pudding is extremely rich, and is prepared by boiling whole milk and freshly-harvested rice together in a clay cot until a creamy texture is achieved, and garnished with cashews and raisins. It is usually prepared to celebrate the Pongal festival.

Aam Shrikhand

Now that summer is arriving in full swing, it’s that time of the year again to savor this yummy Gujrati mango treat that is prepared when mildly sweetened hung curd is studded with mango chunks, infused with saffron and cardamom, and sprinkled with nuts to add another layer of texture. Needing only a handful of ingredients, this treat really tastes great.


Payasam is basically a delectable South Indian version of kheer. It is a creamy rich rice and milk pudding, prepared by boiling rice, broken wheat, or tapioca with milk, vermicelli, cardamom, condensed milk, and sugar. Toppings of pistachios, almond flakes, and raisins take this delicious treat to a whole new level.

Kaju ki Barfi

Barfi is considered as the king of sweets that is loved all over the country. These chunks of cashew goodness are concocted  by thickening milk, cashew nut paste, and sugar, spread out in a flat shallow tray, thinly sliced into lozenges shaped pieces, and topped with a silver foil. This delicious delicacy is usually exchanged as a sweet gift on every Indian occasion and festivals.


Jalebis are a yumilicious and melt-in-the-mouth Indian sweet that is basically crispy-fried funnel cakes prepared by deep-frying a sweet flour better in a circular or pretzel shape, and soaked in a sugary syrup.

Besan Ka Laddoo

Besan Ka Laddoo is one of the most famous and mouthwatering Indian desserts that are reserved for special occasions and festivals. This sweet delicacy is prepared by roasting gram flour or besan in ghee, and flavored with sugar and cardamom, before being shaped into round balls. Embellish besan ka laddoos with almonds, pistachios and silver varq.


Shrikhand is a popular sweet in the repertoire of Indian desserts. It is made with super-thick, sweet yogurt that is mixed with saffron, and topped with pistachios, nuts, and cardamom. Shrikhand is rich, creamy and sweet, a delectable Indian delicacy to delight your taste buds.


Phirni is a delectable Indian dessert that is traditionally made for festive occasions such as Diwali. It is an amazing creamy milk pudding, delicately seasoned with cardamom and nuts. It’s a great treat for any time of the year.


Kulfi is another famous Indian dessert that is extremely dense and creamy. The traditional Indian ice cream is prepared by reducing milk down to a creamy base with cardamom, before freezing it with an assortment of flavorings, such as mango, rose, almond, caramel, or pistachio.

So, whenever the sweet tooth kicks in, try these delicious Indian dessert recipes at home, or simply visit a desi Indian restaurant in St. Kitts to satisfy your sweet palate.

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