Top 6 Lip-smacking Dishes Prepared with Basmati Rice that you Must Try

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January 4, 2018
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Top 6 Lip-smacking Dishes Prepared with Basmati Rice that you Must Try

Indians living in any part of the world are constantly on a treasure hunt for authentic Indian food as they get fed up with eating local cuisines all the time. Similarly, Indians residing in North America and the Caribbean Islands also face the same dilemma as they tire of gorging on fast food and burgers day after day. Indian culinary treasures, such as Biryani and Pulao, which are whipped up with Basmati rice as the key ingredient, are renowned over the globe, and people from the Indian sub-continent absolutely love it. Let me offer you an insight as to why Basmati rice is the king of rice and which rice delicacies Indians cannot live without.

The aroma of Basmati rice is very distinctive, making you swoon in joy even at a distance. The reason behind this is that it packs a typical pandan-like flavor, caused by a certain aroma compound. Basmati rice’s level of this compound comes about 12 times more than any other variety of non-basmati rice. This is why, one can smell Basmati rice cooking from far away, especially food lovers!

Varieties of Basmati Rice

There are many varieties of Basmati rice which are grown in Nepal, Pakistan and India, amounting to roughly all the production in the world. Basmati 370, Basmati 385, Basmati 217 and 1, Super Basmati, and Basmati Pak (Kernel) to name a few. Indian varieties, which account for roughly 70% of the world’s total Basmati rice production, include local varieties such as Basmati 515, 385. 198 and 2000. Names like Punjab and Haryana are also added with some varieties as these are the two Indian states which produce Basmati rice in bulk quantity.

Famous Dishes

There are numerous dishes which are prepared with Basmati rice. As mentioned above, Biryani and Pulao are the most famous ones all over the world. Apart from these, steamed rice and rice mixed with cumin seeds and other condiments, are also very popular among the people of Indian origin. In the Indian sub-continent, there are many dishes which are cooked in Basmati rice using meat and vegetable and are in great demand especially in countries where Indian expatriates make up a major force and are constantly on the lookout for the best Indian restaurant to whet their appetite.

In this blog, we are listing 6 of the most famous dishes cooked in Basmati rice:

  1. Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani is a hot favorite amongst people of all age groups and is construed as somewhat of a king of the Indian fares. Succulent chicken cooked with yogurt, tomatoes, green chili, herbs, and a blend of exotic aromatic spices, with a tang of lemons and dried apricots, makes this fare a must have. The Indian spices and Basmati rice make the biryani even tastier than when cooked with other varieties of rice. You are bound to come across millions of chicken biryani lovers in India and around the world.

  1. Murg Zafarani Biryani

Until just a few years ago, this fare was thought to be preferred by only a selected group of people living in just 2 or 3 Indian states. But restaurants and food outlets have introduced lots of variations on this dish, and now it is almost as famous as chicken biryani. Tender chicken pieces and the finest Basmati rice infused with saffron. Serve as a base for gleaning that distinct flavor and aroma. It is then sealed in a handi and the result is mouth-watering to say the least. You’ve got to try it once to really know what it is all about.

  1. Kashmiri Pulao

From the majestic land of mesmerizing valleys and mountains, comes a really special dish known as Kashmiri Pulao. It consists of diced vegetables and mixed dry fruits, cooked with aromatic spices and of course Basmati rice to make it simply irresistible. If you haven’t eaten Kashmiri pulao yet, you are missing out on something really special.

  1. Vegetable Biryani

Well, you can easily guess what it is all about. A real treat for vegetarian people and anyone who loves to indulge in vegetables in their food. It is a unique combination of fresh vegetables, aromatic spices and Basmati rice cooked together to create a masterpiece. This one is definitely among the most favorite dishes for Indian people as there is a sizeable chunk of the population that consumes vegetables daily in their meals. It can be a really good experience for anyone who hasn’t tried it in the past.

  1. Lamb Biryani

A perfect combination of Basmati rice cooked with succulent lamb and infused with real saffron and authentic Indian spices, lend this dish its unique flavor. While you can argue that lamb is not the favorite cuisine of most Indian people, but you’ve got to try this to know why I have included this on my list. When served with raita and any other gravy, one just cannot from guzzling it all.

  1. Steamed Rice

Steamed rice is one of the simplest dishes to prepare and a hot favorite amongst Indian people especially those living in the Southern and Eastern parts of the country. Basmati rice lends this simple fare a zest due to its special aroma. Steamed rice when served hot can be scrumptious and not heavy on the stomach as people can eat it in large quantity with practically every gravy.

Final Word

I am sure most of my readers will be feeling really hungry by now after reading this blog. Why not browse through our menu and order a meal made up of Basmati rice to enjoy.

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