10 Famous and Healthy Indian Bread Recipes You Should Try

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10 Famous and Healthy Indian Bread Recipes You Should Try

Indian breads are the staple of Eastern cuisine that are so ubiquitous that hardly any Indian fare is complete without a sideline of Bread – be it aromatic curries, zesty lentils, to fiery stir-fried vegetables- for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are a wide array of Indian breads available, from oil doused parathas and pooris to flat chapatis and lovely bhaturas. Each kind is unique, and boasts its own repertoire of ingredients, style of cooking, and taste. Right from breakfast to dinner, you’ll find different varieties of Indian breads that you can team with pickle, yogurt, chutnies, your favorite Indian curry recipes, or any vegetable dish that you fancy.

The main ingredient that is incorporated in most Indian breads is whole wheat flour, but you can add a whole lot of other fixings, such as jowar, bajra, lentils, rice flour, and ragi to enhance its nutritional value. If you are looking for Indian bread recipes, here are a variety of popular Indian bread that you can try at any Indian restaurant or at home.




Chapati is one of the most famous Indian flatbreads that can be paired up with nearly every Indian dish. It is basically an unleavened Indian flatbread that is cooked on a flat skillet. In order to prepare soft chapatis, you have to knead the dough, and the longer you knead, the softer the chapati will be. You can add milk, ghee, and fresh yogurt to prepare soft chapatis that you can’t resist eating.


Aloo Paratha


Aloo paratha is another famed delicious Indian bread that tastes best when paired with raita, an assortment of pickles, chutneys, a dollop of ghee or butter, and salads. To prepare a scrumptious aloo paratha, you have to knead the dough, make flat rounds and pinch the edges to about 1/3 way towards the center to form a sort of a cup, and fill each with a savory mixture of mashed potatoes, coriander, chilies and other spices. Bring together the edges and roll out into a circle and shallow fry on soft heat to prepare soft, delicious and big round parathas.




This popular Indian flatbread is a deliciously unleavened crispy puff. This golden colored fried bread tastes great with any type of curry, chana masala, bhaji, dal, and pickles. You’ll need whole wheat flour, water, salt, and oil to prepare this yumilicious food.




One of the most favorite South Indian delicacy – Dosa is a crisp, thin, crepelike pancake that is eaten for breakfast and as a snack. One of the most famous types is masala Dosa that is slathered with a fiery, savory red chutney of tomatoes and coconut, and stuffed with a delicious potato and paneer filling. Another yummy variation is Rava masala dosa with onions and chillies mixed right into the batter. Dosa can also be served with sambar and chutney.




Idli, the South Indian delicacy, is simply the best option for breakfast. The soft, spongy discs are made up of a delicious and nutritious batter of fermented urad daal and rice flour. It is prepared in a special cooker that gives idlis their standard round shape. Idlis are best served with sambar and chutney.




Pav is one of the most delectable and nutritious meals for breakfast and lunch in India, that has its roots in the Maharashtra district, which is the western wing of India. It is a favorite amongst Indian people of all ages, and is prepared in a variety of ways in different Indian restaurants across the globe. It is concocted by filling buttered buns with a piquant vegetable stew. Pav bhaji is a perfect, flavorsome and healthy combination of different vegetables, and is relatively easy to cook.




Bhatura is the most popular North Indian meal, which is a larger, leavened version of poori. This deep-fried, golden brown leavened fried bread tastes great with a chickpea curry topped with raw onions for crunchiness and taste, and is best served with a glass of lassi. Bhaturas are a classic Indian cuisine that are made up of a dough of plain flour, whole-wheat flour, ghee, plain yogurt, and yeast.




A famous South Indian cuisine that is a great option for breakfast and dinner. Appams are a light rice treat, and taste perfectly awesome with stews and Indian curries. This magical, feather-light Indian flatbread is crispy like a dosa on the edges and spongy like an idli in the middle. Appams are made up of rice flour, coconut milk, and yeast.




Vada is the savory version of a western doughnut that is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The batter is made with of urad daal, and flavored with different spices such as cumin, ginger, green chillies and red pepper. Vadas are a perfect option for breakfast, and are served with sambar and chutney.



One of the most famous Indian breads that is served with tandoori chicken and other chicken curry dishes, kebabs and vegetable dishes, is the famed naan. Naans are traditionally made in a tandoor, but you can also prepare these yourself if you have an oven at home. The delicious leavened Indian flatbread is ubiquitous across any Indian restaurant, and tastes awesome with the addition of sesame seeds, and ghee.

You can try any of these delicious Indian flatbread varieties at your favorite Indian restaurant in St. Kitts.



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