10 Quick-to-Serve and Nutritious Indian Breakfast Recipes to Spice up Your Mundane Mornings

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10 Quick-to-Serve and Nutritious Indian Breakfast Recipes to Spice up Your Mundane Mornings

There is nothing better than gorging on a hearty breakfast in the mornings and there is no denying that a good breakfast can perk up your day and set you up for the long hours ahead. It is the most important meal of the day that you shouldn’t skimp on at any cost. But sadly, many of us are lazy when it comes to preparing this indispensable meal in our morning grogginess. Breakfast gives you all the energy and nutrients that you need to start your day and perform activities throughout the day.

Eating breakfast every morning also offers many health benefits, including a lower risk of diabetes and heart ailments, maintaining a healthy weight, warding off skin issues, and improving your concentration. In fact, it is a great way to kick start your day, fuel up your body, and get ready for the whole day.

However, for many people, mornings always seem to be pretty chaotic, whether you are trying to get to work on time or sending your children to school. Nobody has the time anymore to spend in the kitchen and prepare breakfast. We grab anything that comes handy to quickly gratify our hunger pangs.

However, what if we tell you that spending only a few minutes, you can make nutritious and easy-to-cook Indian breakfast recipes that will surely make your mornings more delightful and healthy. From kachoris to chole bhature, paneer toasty to masala omelets, upmas to idlis, dosas to parathas, there is a mind-boggling variety of highly-nutritious and scrumptious Indian breakfast recipes that you must try.

Here I have mentioned 10 easy to cook and lip-smacking Indian breakfast recipes that will guarantee you a perfect balance of nutrition with authentic Indian flavors. Replenish your energy and keep going for the day ahead!

  1. Idli

Idli is an extremely light and healthy Indian breakfast recipe that will surely perk up your boring mornings and give you the much-needed nutrition, packed with subtle flavors. Idlis are easy-to-make, little fluffy cloud of puffs, concocted with urad dal and rice. These scrumptious treats will surely put a smile on your lips every morning.

  1. Poha

This Indian staple is a great, healthy and filling breakfast option, especially over the weekends. You will find different variations of poha such as Kande poha, aloo poha and more. Pressed rice is cooked with healthy vegetables, and you can add onions, peas, curry leaves and roasted groundnuts to enhance the flavor. Sprinkle grated coconut over the top for a wholesome, delectable brunch.

  1. Uttapam

Uttapam is a dosa-like delicacy that replenishes your fuel of nutrients. Unlike dosas, uttapam is a thick pancake that is prepared with a creamy batter of rice and urad dal, and seasoned with aromatic spices. Boost the goodness of uttapam by adding a hearty topping of onions, tomatoes and curry leaves.

  1. Moong Dal Cheela

This amazing and delectable Indian breakfast recipe is basically a nutritious Indian pancake, prepared with moong dal and stuffed with cheese and vegetables. You can spruce up the taste with an accruement of coriander chutney, pickles, and tomato chutney. It is a great breakfast option for those looking for a low-calorie diet plan, as it is more filling, easily digestible, and extremely nutritious.

  1. Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature is a yumilicious and heavy breakfast recipe that you will surely love indulging in. Chole stands for a spicy, flavorsome curry made with white chickpeas, while bhaturas are fried leavened flatbreads.

  1. Rawa Upma

Rawa upma or suji upma is an easy to cook and delicious morning meal. It is cooked with onions, peas, carrots, spices, lentils, aromatic nuts and curry leaves, which make it healthier and tastier. Topping of grated coconut makes it a hard to resist breakfast option.

  1. Methi Thepla

Thepla is a traditional Gujarati breakfast recipe, comprising of fenugreek leaves kneaded in a whole wheat dough. It is a healthier morning option that has all the goodness of greens. You can serve it with some coriander and mint chutney, pickles and sauces to enhance its flavor.

  1. Hakka Sevai

Give your boring mornings an exciting wake-up call with this versatile and delectable breakfast option. The salty version of vermicelli, namkeen sevaiyaan, or Hakka sevaiyaan are cooked in only a little oil, and is loaded with vegetables, urad dal and chana dal. This scrumptious fare is bursting with savory desi, authentic flavors.

  1. Misal Pav

Misal Pav is a highly nutritious Indian breakfast recipe that is rich in protein. It is a popular and delicious traditional Maharashtrian morning meal that can spice up your dull mornings. Misal curry is a much-loved fiery blend of potatoes, sprouted beans, and spices, and is best served with fluffy pavs.

  1. Paneer Toasty

Toasted sandwiches with cottage cheese are an easy to cook and quick breakfast recipe that is light on the diet. Prepare the rich mélange with tamarind extract, sweet chili sauce, mint sauce, chaat masala, and Kashmiri chilies. Slather it over bread slices, toast them, and your paneer toasties are ready to eat.

Over to You

Remember, it’s not about stuffing your body but eating healthier options to provide your body with all the essential nutrients that it needs to go through the day. So, the next time you rush out the door in the morning with a less than adequate breakfast, remember that skipping breakfast can set you up for overeating later in the day.

A healthy Indian breakfast option can give you the energy to satisfy your appetite and gear you up for making smart decisions all day long. Start your day with scrumptious and healthy Indian breakfast recipes or simply visit a desi Indian restaurant to try your favorite breakfast food options.


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