Why should you Choose St.Kitts & Nevis as your next holiday destination?

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Why should you Choose St.Kitts & Nevis as your next holiday destination?

The island of St. Kitts and Nevis that are also known as the Saint Christopher Island is a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean country of West Indies. The island borders with the Caribbean Sea and has its eastern coast facing the Atlantic Ocean. Although St. Kitts and Nevis are pronounced as one place however these are two separate islands that are separated by a shallow 3-kilometre channel known as ‘The Narrows.’

Although St. Kitts is really popular when it comes to choosing an exotic location to spend holidays, we still would like to provide you with these reasons that are going to cement your decision to come to St. Kitts to spend your next holiday.


The blue lagoons

The beaches at the islands of St.Kitts fall true to the definition of blue lagoons. With clear blue waters and white sands, the beaches are truly heaven for sun-seekers. Nevis, another unspoiled sister island is also a just 45-minute ferry ride away and the ride itself is an experience of a lifetime. When you sail through the serene waters, the cool and slow breeze will lift your moods like an air-filled balloon bouncing its way towards calm, joy and peace.

And not only beaches, both the islands of St.Kitts and Nevis feature some of the most spectacular water activities that will amuse you immeasurably. The beaches are reef-protected that makes them perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Pinney’s beach on the Nevis is among the grandest ones in the Caribbean and is a loved destination of people who love the cool sunlight.


The heritage of unmatched hospitality

The people of these islands are Kittians and Nevisians and each of the natives reflects the true culture of hospitality to people travelling to these locations. The natives of these islands are very friendly and easy going people who love to interact and share their joy with people travelling from offshore locations. The main intent is to preserve the beauty of the island by spreading the feeling of love and belongingness to anyone who is visiting the destinations.


St.Kitts history and tours

The islands were originally established from South America and had the Amerindian population at the time when Europeans landed here first. St.Kitts have seen some really tough times in the European struggle for the islands in West Indies. The land is fertile and rich in sugar plantations which are considered to be the gateway to the Caribbean.

The islands carry a rich heritage of struggles, conflicts and after that serenity that shaped much of the history of St. Kitts and just because of this heritage St. Kitts has include its name in the preferred destinations for people who love history and struggle that gave rise to the people and made them what they are today. When you visit St. Kitts make sure to ask your tour guide to take you on a tour to any of these historical places that will delight you with the appearance and the rich culture and stories that they have to share with you.


Taste of different cultures

St. Kitts Island is a heaven for foodies because it has a rich culinary experience to offer to them. Starting from concoctions of old traditions with modern taste building techniques to serving the most authentic taste of not only the Caribbean but of different cultural locations like India and North America etc., St. Kitts delights its guest by offering a luxurious food experience in the best island style. Passionate chefs that come from diverse geographical backgrounds create mouthwatering dishes and desserts to please their guests. People who are travelling to St. Kitts from the Indian subcontinent need not worry about food as there are some really authentic Indian restaurants in St. Kitts that are going to amaze them with their authentic Indian taste that they create for world travellers.

Alternatively, you can also dance on the tropical beats of salsa, jazz soca, and calypso that can amplify your overall joy and provide you with another joyful reason to choose St. Kitts as your next travel destination. We hope to see you soon, enjoying the Islands of St. Kitts and Nevis.

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