Top 8 Mouth-Watering Cuisines You Should Try in St. Kitts

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Top 8 Mouth-Watering Cuisines You Should Try in St. Kitts

Mouth-Watering Cuisines

Due to the rich volcanic soil and a fertile coastline, St. Kitts harvests some of most scrumptious fruits and freshest vegetables you can find. From black pineapples, maize, sweet potatoes, coconuts, and mangoes, to myriad beans and papayas, there are a plethora of fresh fruit and vegetable options available on this picturesque island. Since St. Kitts is an island in the midst of the bountiful Caribbean Sea, you will find all Caribbean kitchens replete with every imaginable assortment of seafood.

From grilled lobster to more complex fares such as stewed saltfish, goat water and Cajun grouper, there is a variety of delectable food options you can treat your taste buds to while in St. Kitts. If you love the contemporary Caribbean cuisine, you can find a wide array of internationally-savvy Indian restaurants in St. Kitts that serve undeniably delicious gastronomic delights that will surely offer a gratifying dining experience.

With a blend of delectable flavors, intriguing textures, and wafting aromas, St. Kitts cuisine tantalizes all senses and exudes an eclectic air. The heady combination of exotic spices, herbs, seasonings, and a number of locally sourced ingredients, makes St. Kitts a heaven for food aficionados. Here are some of the most appetizing food options that you should try on your visit to St Kitts:

  1. Stewed Saltfish


It is the national and most popular dish of St. Kitts and Nevis that is paired with spicy plantains, seasoned breadfruit, and coconut dumplings. It is an amazingly delicious blend of vegetables, spices, coconut, and saltfish. The unique taste and flavor make stewed saltfish a must try food option in St. Kitts.

  1. Goat Water


It is a delicious goat stew prepared by simmering breadfruit, green papaya and mini dumplings in a rich tomato broth, decked out with small chunks of goat meat. This delectable, heartwarming stew is the most popular food item at St. Kitts and a host of other Caribbean islands.

  1. Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken is one of the most famous Caribbean cuisines that draws on sizzling peppers and piquant spices such as bonnets, nutmeg, and pimentos to create a fiery concoction. This delicacy combines the heat of seasonings with the sweetness of the tender meat. It is prepared with authentic spices that are roasted and hand crushed for an intense savor and succulent texture. There are a variety of flavorings that can be used for this mouth-watering dish and each one of its renditions is another gastronomic ecstasy. When you visit St Kitts, jerk chicken is a dish that you must try.

  1. Conch Fritters

Conch is a rubbery sea snail that is extremely delicious when chopped up and mixed with peppers, flour, eggs, onions and celery and then rolled up into balls and deep-fried. Conch fritters are a perfect lunchtime snack which tastes awesome with a special spicy dipping sauce.

  1. Patties

Savory patties always deliver the right exotic flavors to satisfy the palate. They are filled with a range of fillings -from beef to chicken to saltfish. You can try this delicacy across many Indian restaurants in St. Kitts, however the ingredients and flavors may vary from patty to patty and across restaurants. With many delicious options to choose from, such as vegetarian and pork stuffing in combination with potatoes, these patties are a perfect mid-day or evening snack to indulge in.

  1. Roti

While Roti has its roots deeply ingrained in the islands of Tobago and Trinidad, roti has become a famous staple in many Caribbean islands, especially in St. Kitts. It is chewy like tortillas while light as a naan. This thin grilled flatbread, pancake or wrap can be filled with curried potatoes, chicken, lamb, shrimp, chickpeas, vegetables, and anything else that draws the fancy.

  1. Johnny cakes

Caribbean Johnny cakes are delicious golden balls that can be found in any St. Kitts restaurant. They are made with cornmeal and are slightly sweet in taste since they are drizzled over with a sugary syrup. In addition, they can also be served as a savory bread. You must try Johnnycakes on your next visit to the island of St. Kitts.

  1. Callaloo

A vegetable dish that is fresh, versatile and mouthwatering, it is served in its different variants across the Caribbean islands. Callaloo is a spinach-like vegetable that adds the right texture and the symbolic exotic taste to a variety of dishes such as soups, patties and more. Callaloo is a healthy, highly nutritious and flavorsome ingredient that is often steamed, sautéed or boiled into a thick stew.

Set your taste buds ablaze with the above-mentioned delectable dishes of St. Kitts. You can visit any Indian restaurant in St. Kitts to satisfy all our hunger pangs immediately!

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